Sharing the Gift of Literacy

Yesterday as I was visiting a classroom, a student was bubbling with excitement as she was about to read out loud to her teacher.  She quickly gave me a hug and then hurried off to the table where her teacher was awaiting her arrival.  Upon sitting down, the student looked at her teacher and exclaimed, “I love to read and so does my mom.”  Now, you may wonder why this comment is worthy of including in this blog, but let me tell you, this is a big deal.  I have no doubt that the love for reading that is taking place in this home has fostered such a positive attitude towards reading (and learning to read) at school.  Here we have a student who identifies their parent as a reader, their teachers as readers, their Principal and Vice-Principal as readers, and most importantly, themselves as a reader. She is surrounded with the gift of a love for literacy and this gift will redeem itself every day and in every way … forever.  I left the classroom asking myself, “do my own children see me as someone who loves to read?”.  I know my students do, as well as my colleagues and friends, but what about my own three children?  What occurs in a home for a child to identify their parent as not just a reader, but someone who loves to read? I know this question still lingers with me personally, and I encourage you to take a moment to think how your child(ren) would describe your relationship with literacy.

This month, the Educators at RMB wanted to share some of their favourite holiday stories with our students and families.  Under the leadership of our Literacy Council, staff have created a video series for everyone to enjoy. Below are a few of the videos created so far, and more will be added soon!  Be sure to check them out.

RMB Staff Read Holiday Favourites:

Mrs. Swann

Mrs. Papp

Ms. Goode

From our school family to yours, we wish you the warmest of holidays greetings!

Mrs. Balkwill, Principal

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