Beyond the 15 Minute Conference

Dear Families,

Thank you to all of our families that were able to attend conferences last week and to those who are scheduled to attend conferences this week as well.  As a parent of three school aged children who, up until this past year, attended three different schools, I know the commitment it takes to attend school conferences.  It is so much more than 15 minutes out of your day. For some it may be taking an extended lunch at 2:00 PM.  For others it may mean having someone watch over younger children who are nestled in for their morning nap at home and you don’t dare disrupt their sleep schedule.  Whatever the challenge, and we know there are many, we want to thank you for showing up.  Showing up is far greater than arriving on time for the conference.  Showing up is a way of letting your child(ren) know that you are interested in the goals they have set for themselves.  Showing up is a statement of your partnership with with Educators at RMB.  Showing up is an opportunity to interact with other families.  Showing up allows you to witness the learning that occurs throughout our school.

Conferences are also an opportunity for our Educators to show up as well.  If we only focused on the 15 minutes, we would lose sight of the many ways the staff show up as well.  From scheduling families to ensure little to no wait time, to accommodating reasonable requests for rescheduling, to supporting students to create goals that are meaningful and growth oriented, and to providing information that supports the unique learning needs of each student.

As parents and Educators, we are partners that choose to show up on conference day and beyond.  Our actions tell our students and your children that we value education, we support the belief that each child will experience success, and that we are a team.

So, thank you for showing up.  Conference Day is so much more than 15 minutes because of our united commitment to education at RMB!

Mrs. Balkwill, Principal

Oh and ps, if you missed your conference time, don’t worry!  Simple contact the office and we will be happy to assist in scheduling a new time.

showing up

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