This Is Me at RMB

At the start of the school year, the Educators at RMB made a commitment to support and value each student for their individuality.  We wanted to ensure that students truly felt that they belonged.  One way we decided to do this was to create a student video using the emotional and touching lyrics to the song This Is Me from the hit movie The Greatest Showman.  We presented the idea to our students in September and the response simply blew us away!  This week, after hours of finalizing permissions, holding auditions, staffing our editors, assistant directors, creative designers, and determining our cast we will work with over 250 students to start making our video.  You can feel the energy throughout the school.  There is an excitement that is contagious.  Students know that they are about to be part of something special, something unique.  They also know that their involvement is their commitment to sharing this belief that every student matters and every student belongs.  They are united in telling the world that everyone who enters our school brings value and is an important part of making our school great.

This week I want to share with you a behind the scenes video that was used to convince those in power to take The Greatest Showman and make it into a movie.  It took 7 years in the making, and it is moments like this that showcase the power of team work, strength through vulnerability, perseverance, and determination.  All of the values that we hold true to ourselves and one another at RMB.  Enjoy!

We can hardly wait to debut our own version of This is Me at RMB in the near future!

Mrs. Balkwill, Principal

this is me



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