Thanks and Giving

There is no greater feeling than being thankful and this school year has already provided so many opportunities to be thankful for.  One being our Open House and SCC BBQ this past week.  As you can appreciate, the time spent in preparation for this annual event is significant, yet not once did I hear a complaint.  From staff preparing welcome packages, ensuring the classroom environment is welcoming, to making arrangements with their family in order for them to stay for the evening.  I am thankful to the staff at RMB. From the SCC members who formed a committee to ensure that the BBQ was organized and efficient, who worked as a team modelling the power of being a united front, and who saw the value in each other’s efforts and contributions.  I am thankful to our SCC.  From the families who were able to join us and made it a priority to connect with staff, who visited among one another over a tasty supper, and who let their child(ren) take the lead on proudly showing off their classroom and introducing their teacher.  I am thankful for our families.  There is much to be thankful for!

As we continue to digest a long weekend of Thanksgiving feasting, it is important that, along with being thankful, that we also engage in the positive impact of giving.  Later this month we will launch a unique school fundraiser that will focus on giving (and not just money!).  The fundraiser will challenge students, staff and families to be generous in their contributions in making RMB and the RMB community rich in human spirit.  We know that everyone will rise to this challenge as we strive to create tomorrow together.

thanks and giving

So thank YOU for all you continue to do to support learning at RMB.  We know you make regular attendance a priority, we hear the positive way you speak about the staff to your child(ren), and we see the impact of your engagement with school priorities.

Thank you!

Mrs. A. Balkwill (Principal)

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