Failure Leads to Success

Failure.  It is a tough word that can bring out the worst or the best in us.  As we near the end of the first month of school, it would be easy to spend this post reflecting on the many successes we have experienced as a school community.  Instead, I have decided to dive a little deeper, to go beyond the surface, and really explore the pathway to success at RMB.  It doesn’t take much to soon realize a common theme to many of our successes.  It is failure.  Now, you may be reading this thinking that your Principal is already in need of a vacation because what kind of Principal writes about failure.  This one does and I will tell you why.

Take a moment to think of a skill that you consider yourself masterful at.  It could be something in your personal or professional life.  Now reflect on your journey to mastery.  My guess is that you were not proficient the very first time you tried this skill, and in fact, likely stumbled or failed multiple times.  I would also make a guess that you relied on someone who you deemed to be masterful to help guide you.  Maybe a family member, friend, or teacher.  And then, just maybe, you practiced and received feedback until you felt confident enough to start sharing or teaching your skill to others.  From there, you became masterful.  You persevered and built your resilience.

So let’s go back a few steps.  Imagine if after the first time trying you failed, that you gave up and never made another attempt.  Imagine the missed opportunities.  Seems hard to even consider not having this skill, doesn’t it?

Without failure, we would never experience many of our successes.  This applies to school every day.  The Educators at RMB make an effort to model for students the importance of resiliency.  They show support for student growth by encouraging students to build resilience and perseverance by learning how to fail forward, reflect, accept feedback, practice, and accept that others may develop a skill differently.  It is this type of belief, this mindset, that will see student success soar.

Let’s embrace failure, because it is evidence that we are learning and growing!

Mrs. Balkwill


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