Perseverance at RMB

This week we were fortunate to have Fred Fox, brother to the late Terry Fox, come and speak to all of our students at a special assembly.  Fred came to visit us at RMB because this year marks our 15th year as a school participating in the fundraising campaign.  What an accomplishment!  Fred was a magnificent speaker who captured the attention of each student and Educator within seconds.  He spoke to us about his brother and through the stories and memories that he shared, came a common message about the power of perseverance.  Each day we are all faced with choices and challenges.  Each day, it is up to us how,or if, we persevere.  Fred spoke about the importance of facing difficulty, embracing discomfort, and setting both short and long term goals.  His words left us all thinking of ways we can honour the efforts of his brother, Terry.  His words also compelled us to think of how we have the opportunity to practice perseverance and that we owe it ourselves to do just that.

This week, the Educators at RMB are taking the perseverance challenge personally.  We are all reflecting on one area that can benefit from some continued perseverance.  We will set the example for our students, that as adults, we are continually working to be better.  That we fall, but when we do, we fall forward and get back up and keep trying.

We encourage all of our families to take time and do the same thing.  Where could you benefit from a little extra perseverance?  Is it taking time to read each day?  Ensuring that attendance at school is on time and a priority?  Or maybe it is carving out 5 minutes to sit and just have some “me” time.  Whatever it is, we invite you to embrace the power of perseverance, because at RMB, we truly are committed to Creating Tomorrow Together!

Mrs. Balkwill


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