Kid President is So Wise!

I came across this fantastic quote over the weekend and I immediately gave credit to some adult who I was instantly envious of for crafting such wise words.  I looked closely to see who I needed to give credit to and it was none other than Kid President.  I should have known!  Now, if you don’t know who Kid President is, stop reading my blog, google “Kid President” and sit back and be astonished at the powerful words of one awesome kid.

I think this particular quote resonated with me so much this week in particular, because I had the privilege of watching the Educators at RMB embrace this notion that their actions and words have great impact on students, families and fellow colleagues.  They get it.  They understand and welcome the responsibility that comes with being dedicated to our profession.  And to think, I have the honour of leading alongside, witnessing the integrity, grit and determination of these professionals every day.

Watch out world, because at RMB, we really are Creating Tomorrow Together! 

Be Somebody

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