Change as Opportunity

Dear Ruth M. Buck Families,

I want to personally thank you for the support and understanding as we transitioned to one less classroom teacher this past week due to lower than expected student enrollment.  As Mrs. Gilroy and I spoke with each family whose child was impacted by this change, we were frequently thanked for the work being done at our school.  We appreciated the excellent questions posed regarding the process for the transition and the trust that decisions were not made lightly nor in haste.  Throughout this change in staffing we were provided with an opportunity to connect personally with over 50 families.  It is quite rare that school administrators have contact of this quantity so early in the school year.  So, although the circumstances were a challenge, they also presented us with an opportunity to connect with many families and for that, we are both very grateful.

For those of you able to join us at our Open House followed by the SCC BBQ last Tuesday, I want to thank you for coming out to our first family event of the school year.  It was so wonderful to meet many of you and I was soaking up the strong sense of community that exists at Ruth M. Buck.  Our SCC prepared over 600 hot dogs and hamburgers and despite some unexpected grilling challenges, ensured the BBQ was a huge hit.

You know you have landed someplace special when you near the end of the evening and you see staff still in attendance, pitching in, visiting with families, visiting with one another, and willing to stay until the last piece of equipment has been loaded into the truck.  The staff at RMB exude a commitment to community and this was evident throughout the entire evening.  I am so incredibly proud to call myself their Principal!

Staff Open House

As we embark on the final week of our first month of school, I want to invite you to thank a staff member at RMB for all of the work, effort, and time they have put forth to ensure that we start the year off with the greatest of success.  Whether it be our care taking crew, an Educational Assistant, a bus driver, teacher, etc.  It does not take much time to send a quick email, give a quick thank you as you pass in the hall, or make a call.  Make the change YOUR opportunity.  Thank a staff member today – trust me, you won’t regret it!

Mrs. A. Balkwill, Principal

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